quit smoking

There have been recent surveys and studies that indicate the number of people who smoke is actually going down. Who knew? The studies indicate the number of people using cigarette is going down and this could be for a couple of reasons.

The Price – Buying cigarettes depending on your state is rather expensive and it can add up rather quickly. When you look at the price of a cigarette pack, you have to think that most people smoke at least one pack a day so add that cost times 30 and just think about how much money they’re spending every month just on those things.

The Health Risks – It’s no secret or well-kept lie about the health risks of those things. Everyone knows just how deadly cigarettes are and what kind of implications they can have on long term users. Some people lose their voice, some people develop cancer, some people lose the ability to even walk or even worse. It’s definitely not something you want to be associated with so why do some people do it?

It’s the addiction. People are addicting to cigarettes and find it so impossible to quit, especially teenagers. Teenagers are so easily controlled by this stuff that it may seem almost impossible to quit. Smoking is considered an old-fashioned trend and isn’t exactly the new cool thing to do anymore. So what are teenagers doing right now as an alternative?

This is where vaping enters form. Vaping has been the new cool thing to do for at least a year now and it’s popular for quite a few reasons.

The Price – The price of e-juice and your vape materials is significantly less than buying a pack of cigarettes. Again, compare the price of your local cigarette packs and think about smoking one a day versus how it would cost to let you vape every single day. You’ll find that you’ll save so much money buy vaping.

The Health Benefits – We’re not saying that vaping is going to make you strong or has significantly great health benefits but compared to smoking, there are some health benefits. That same feeling of relaxation comes at a significantly reduced cost and you don’t have to worry about developing cancer off of vaping. Vaping is far less harmful to you and people around you than smoking.

So why do people still smoke? Why do people refuse to put it away and just start vaping? Well, while smoking is on the decline, there are still a number of people out there who have a deadly addiction to smoking. It’s just not something they can easily quit.

When you’re addicted to something, it can be easy to see just how hard it would be to quit. Have you ever had an addiction to something? Even if it’s just a simple video game on your Facebook or a TV show? You can’t just simply drop that. Some people need cognitive behavioral therapy to help quit something deadly and addicting. Whatever helps you quit the deadly addiction known as cigarettes will help.

E-cigarette the vape industry technology and Dynamic Creations has cultivated a sub-culture of vaper hobbyists who find passion and enjoyment because it’s become both a lifestyle as well as a popular tobacco smoking alternative. Most e-cigarette hobbyists build atomizers; coils and alter advanced mods and batteries (often used in tubular mods) almost as an aesthetic statement with lanyards and mod skins available to decorate the mods. From boxmods to tubular mods, vape technology continues to innovate how former smokers intake nicotine via tobacco-free vapor infused with pure nicotine and flavorings.

There exist many e-cigarette hobbyists and DIY e-liquid experts who started as smokers seeking to switch to newer nicotine technology that’s been hailed for producing no tobacco smells with less chemicals and carcinogens. E-Juice, the viscous liquid used in vaporizers is made from propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, purified water and flavor additives, many which are indeed regulated and acceptable for use in both food and cosmetics. Propylene glycol (called PG), and vegetable glycerin (called VG) are the two binding ingredients that create the eliquid’s flavoring as well as creating the canvas to be vaped and enjoyed.

Many sensational sources state that e-cig use has rocketed with youth, but most fail to include correlating statistics. Teen smoking is declining regardless of e-juice intake. Stats demonstrate that the youth is succeeding in a tobacco-free direction due to experimentation with nicotine. In reality, factual studies confirm potential longitude benefits of the emerging vapor technology. Most publications cite news that is altered to fuel health dvocate zealots, many times funded by opposing industries that are known to have their ties with the Big Tobacco industry and ignorant lobbyists opposing new vapor technology regardless of giving it a shot or understanding the science and PG and VG chemistry.

The VTM (vapor-tank-mod) industry is hot, wealthy and is exponentially growing; so much so that vapes and electronic cigarettes are beginning to exceed tobacco cigarette sales. Forbes estimated that if trends continue, the vape industry will kill Big Tobacco sales, unleashing the market and economy while potentially helping in the proven smoking epidemic. Electronic cigarettes and e-juice are still debated and studied, yet thus far realistic studies confirm their overwhelming potential. Visit dynamiccreations.com for vape and industry news.

Hobbyists might have started e-cigs as many regular smokers while developing a love for vaping often with zero nicotine, for the sensations and delicious tastes, similar to e-cigarette users who enjoy hookahs that are legal all around the world while being enjoyed for centuries. Unlike tobacco-driven hookahs, e-cigs and vapes don’t create smoke filled with toxic arsenic and cadmium. VTM technology utilizes common additives found in foods ranging from icecream to lotions. Most vapers and e-cig users who love V-T-M technology can’t understand why these advances are being branded as hazardous when e-cig users are experiencing results while understanding the science and chemistry within the popular hobby as well as the simple-to-understand ingredients better than anti-e-cigarette advocates push mainstream America away through tactics of propaganda.

snoop gpenWhen I initially began taking a gander at getting a versatile vaporizer one of the components most critical to me was carefulness. My arrangement was to utilize it on the go as often as possible and would not like to draw a great deal of thoughtfulness regarding myself each time I needed to take a puff. All the exploration I did drove me to one conclusion, that pen style dry herb vaporizers can undoubtedly blaze your herb without really vaporizing the material. Not having any desire to squander a great deal of cash on an assortment of items that didn’t perform how I needed them to, I went down to my neighborhood headshop for some personal examination.

After the majority of my exploration, these are the three dry herb vaporizer pens that I can vouch for.

Atmos Boss KitAtmos Boss

Somewhat bigger than the most punctual dry herb pen vaporizers, the Boss had a noteworthy change in the warming chamber configuration which moved far from quick warmth and put it groups in front of the AtmosRX unit. With the Atmos Boss you get a pen vaporizer that gives persistent warmth, which implies not any more blazing your herb. I couldn’t care less what the maker says, that little glass screen which should go about as a cradle between the herb in the RX does not make a big deal about a difference. If you hold the traditional too long, regardless it combusts. That is the reason I like the Boss so much, no glass screen is required and there is no loop in the base. The entire stainless steel chamber warms through to give even vaporization and no singing.

Cloud V Phantom

In spite of the fact that a few individuals may not by any means classify the Phantom as a pen style vaporizer, I put it on my rundown because of the strong execution I got from it. Like the Boss’ warming chamber there is little worry of smoldering the dry herb and it additionally includes reliable warmth. A few individuals may whine that it takes more time to warm up, however, you should simply press the catch and set it back in your pocket for this brief period. It will hit the set temp in under a moment… however it doesn’t warm in 7 to 10 seconds like the AtmosRX can, in any event, you are really getting vapor and not smoke. Isn’t that the purpose of a vaporizer? Another truly decent component about the Phantom is that the battery is totally removable so you can without much of a stretch swap out a fully charged one.

Pulsar7Pulsar 7

This is truly the most pen-like vaporizer on my rundown and I picked this one due to the warming chamber. The configuration is different than most, rather than a metal loop down in the load, there is an artistic warming pole that keeps running up the center and the herb is stuffed around it. In spite of the fact that the Pulsar 7 can blaze your herb, it is far less demanding to oversee and has to a lesser extent an expectation to learn and adapt.